So it kicked in again. I know a lot of you must think I am stupid to share this on social media, but I want to. I need help and I will ask for it. What I am going through is unimaginable and very rare. It is just my way to cope with it. And I shall continue sharing my feelings and experience. I will be filming my journey of Depression every day and post it online on my Youtube Channel. If you are interested and if you care please do watch.



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  1. Hey Jaya.. it is not stupid of you to put up the video and i would call it brave step taken by you. I know the feeling when you have no one else to talk too for i have been through the phase of life, but then i have never ever thought of ending it, for the life is too beautiful to waste it . I am now going to be 60 yrs old in about few months and the kind of hassles i have faced in my life did put a strain but then when ever i had such feeling i used to leave my home and go into the wilderness of Niligiris for few days and it did help. It will be difficult to talk directly to you for i do not know you and also that i am not in India at this point of time. But then if you feel like sharing your thoughts by mail you surely can do so and i promise to answer you. Please once again do not have impulsive thought… i do not know the reason for your depression and hope you come out of the present condition and enjoy this beautiful life. Take care Jaya and i look forward to further communications. You have my ears.. that’s for sure

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