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“One is never Over dressed or Under dressed with a Little Black Dress – Karl Lagerfield”

Every girl needs this one statement piece in her closet that is easy to throw on. It’s delineation may have changed over the years but the LBD has still maintained it’s significance and remains supremely chic. There are various mode that you can change your appearance with this one staple component in the wardrobe. A black dress is the easiest and safest fashion piece that you can wear when you are in a dilemma and you do not want to look over dressed or under dressed. It is the perfect attire regardless of the occasion.


I chose this particular outfit to explain and showcase the value what a little black dress can do. I chose to team it up with a black over sized cardigan and the perfect black heels to go with.


The one thing that I liked the most about this dress was the tie back lace. It gives a sexy chic look to it.

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I could not show the back because I am a horrible poser :p and the sunlight was getting annoying with all black on black attire. The dress itself was hot and the cruel sun made me feel hotter which was something I was not enjoying at all and so as the shoot was about to get over, I could not help but grin for the camera


And IT’S A WRAP!!! 😀 <3


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