25 Hacks To Simplify Your Life

2017 is going to be year of self improvement for me. Since I deal with anxiety, it is extremely crucial for me to do things in way that will not make me feel like my life is in chaos. Hence, I have learnt about a few tips and tricks on how to simplify life in ways that are so easily looked through. I am sharing these tips here so other’s can follow them or at least try to so it can help make their life easier. Would love hear other’s too on how do they do it if they do so I can adapt those habits too.

  1. Unsubscribe email subscription’s that are unnecessary.
  2. Unfollow Instagram account’s that aren’t healthy or demotivating.
  3. Unfriend people on Facebook that you don’t personally know or if you do not interact or that spoil your mood.
  4. Follow a Miraculous Morning Routine
  5. Choose a yearly theme to concentrate on your Goals.
  6. Carry one Hand bag.
  7. Carry stuff in your bad that you absolutely need.
  8. Do not accept free stuff/samples.
  9. Do not ask for Receipts every single time until it is really important.
  10. Concentrate only on 3 important things on your To-Do-List everyday.
  11. Learn 5 nutritious recipes and rotate them weekly.
  12. Simplify your keys. Also, get rid of unused keychain’s and key rings.
  13. Ask people not to buy you Gift’s on Birthday’s or Anniversaries or Tell them exactly what you want.
  14. Use things until they are actually finished.
  15. Cut-out unwanted equipments.
  16. Cut-out unwanted people.
  17. Cut-out Gossiping/Complaining from your dialogue.
  18. Quit bargain shopping & only buy what you actually need.
  19. Use all pieces of clothing that your own.
  20. Figure out activities that matter to you & prioritize accordingly.
  21. Let go of Goals that aren’t in line with you.
  22. Follow that LIFE CHANGING method of Tidying up.
  23. Meditate just for a few minutes every single day.
  24. Donate excessive decor that is lying around your house.
  25. Turn off Social Media Notifications unless Very Important.

I am so positive about these steps and so sure this will help me in so many ways. Since I am not used to routines I will have trouble following them on a regular basis in the beginning which is why I also have it written in my journal so I can read it over and over again just as a reminder.

I hope this could help some of you.





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5 Morning Habits For A Great 2017

morning-routine1Even though I have never been a morning person, there are simple but essential morning habits which incorporated in your daily life can surely make a massive difference. I have learnt about these recently and have also tried them a few times towards the end of 2016.

And since it did help me a lot, this is what I aim to do in 2017 to stay inspired, be creative and for a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Rehydrate: Drinking water first thing in the morning is the best thing you could to yourself. Water boosts up your metabolism, hydrates you, helps flush out toxins, is great for your skin and helps to have a balanced lymph system. For some people, it can also help lose weight. Water is a well known purifier and when the body is cleansed, some ailments may be easily fought and removed. hydrate
  2. Morning Pages: If you are not familiar with this, its as easy as it sounds. Writing Morning Pages means to write whatever comes to my mind. Without any judgements, jot down anything you want. Feel free to ramble. The goal is to get everything out of your mind. Do not stress on spellings or grammar. Just write. It helps you clear your mind and makes you aware of recurring themes. It is like de cluttering your mind. Getting rid of unnecessary thoughts and making room for creative ideas. morning-pages
  3. Breakfast: Having a healthy breakfast does not only provide energy but is also a good source of important nutrients such as Fibre, Vitamins, Calcium, Iron. Breakfast should be eaten within 2 hours of waking. A healthy breakfast should contain calories in the range of 20-35% of your guideline daily allowance. It acts like fuel to your brain and body after an overnight fast.
  4. Meditation:  There innumerable benefits of Meditation and everyone is aware that it only makes life better. I could Meditate for 11 days in a row and I could see results. However, I could not continue due to several reasons. But 2017 will be the year of Meditation (or at least I hope) There are countless Physiological, Psychological and Spiritual benefits of Meditation.
  • Physiological benefits:
  • lowers oxygen consumption
  • decreases respiratory rate
  • increases blood flow and slows the heart rate
  • decreases the aging process
  • normalizes to your ideal weight
  • makes you sweat less
  • less energy wasted
  • relaxes the nervous system
  • higher skin resistance
  • increases exercise tolerance
  • Psychological Benefits:
  • Develop Will power
  • decrease in potential mental illness
  • increased productivity
  • resolves phobias and fears
  • purifies your character
  • better, more sociable behaviour
  • builds self confidence
  • improved relationship
  • develops intuition
  • Spiritual Benefits:
  • brings body, spirit and mind in harmony
  • helps living in the present moment
  • increased self actualization
  • provides peace of mind
  • increases happiness
  • overall well being improved
  • experience a sense on “oneness”
  • growing wisdom
  • attain enlightenment
  • helps learn forgiveness

5) To Do List: Having a to do list is something that helped me a lot in the last few month. Often I used to feel lost and             frustrated. Getting things done used to be a task because I had a lot to do. Until I came across the idea of maintaining a list. Organizing, Improved memory, Productivity and Motivation are some the benefits that experienced by keeping a to do list.

Female hand holding a pen and writing a plan in a planner

These are my 5 habits which I want incorporate in my daily life this year and I hope to continue doing it as it only adds to the well being and growth IMO.

Plz feel free to share any of your productive habits which has helped you over the years so I can add them in my routine.

Hoping for an Amazing year ahead. Happy 2017



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5 Latest Types Of Handbags Every Woman Should Have


If I ask you, how many handbags you own & how different they are from each other, can you answer that??? Well, that’s the thing about us. Everyone wants to be fashionable & trendy but forget to keep pace with the latest fashionable stuff. Don’t worry; here is your steal!!! Peep in & get to know the most sassy handbag styles you definitely need this time!!!

Different types of handbags & their specific occasion is what every fashionista need to know and keep a note of it. So that whenever you prep for your next evening or day out, you will not miss a chance to slay your peers with your bold & sassy choice of handbag. Once you will get versed with these classy bag designs, you just can’t keep a distance & crave to sneak in & buy online women handbags for your precious individual style and fashion statement. Are you ready to explore & meet with your dream bags??? Take a guide for your exemplary ensemble & shine like a fashion pro!!!

Crossbody Handbags

image-21Are you a girl who loves to enjoy her dressing while clinging to a beautiful handbag???

Crossbody bags are your take; you don’t have to feel the weight & go with your mood and pleasant vibes. These handbags are perfect pick for your casual day outs, shopping time or meeting with a special friend. Look at this adorable piece & get ready to fall in love again!!!

Day Clutch

image-31Clutches can neither ditch you nor fade away & always bring you sheer joy and love. Doesn’t matter how many different types of handbags get invented; clutch love is eternal.



Are you a gym baby??? If yes, get ready to check out latest designs of weekender bags for all your gym accessories & let people fall in love with your phenomenal fashion sense. It’s time for you to check out the latest collection of handbags for Indian women & uplift your style statement!!!

Structured Tote Bag


Need a shopping buddy??? What about a classy tote bag??? Structured tote bag is something you definitely need to know & make a part of your adorable collection of handbags. These bags are light weighted, spacious (at least you can put all your cosmetic stuff) and very attractive in appeal. Take your pick!!!

For Fun Games

image-61Now when you know about the different types of handbags for women, you should give a chance to your fun side to play a little. These beautiful stuff can never let you down & always by your side for beautiful you. Take a bow, girl!!!






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