What’s your Score?

People often unknowingly settle for less than what they deserve or actually deep down in their heart truly wish for. It happens to a lot of us. We restrict ourselves from looking for what is right for us with the fear of being disappointed. Instead of exploring and hunting for the right thing, we try and compromise, hold back or even mould our desires to what’s been offered to us. We just accept life the way it is. Which is not really bad for some people, but you might, just might, in the future think of it as a waste of time and effort and would make you wish you probably could have had better.
It’s only when the temporary happiness leaves, do we realize that it was just another mean of plain disappointment. What remains then? Regret!!!
It is always better though to realize it before it’s too late.
Everything else can still be fixed but the one thing that can never ever be replaced is the (wasted) time. No one would want to say “I wish I had…” or “I wish I hadn’t…” when they grow old.
You can never go back and study hard and change your high school grades.
You can never go back and choose a different stream.
You can never go back and undo the fights and mistakes
You can never go back and not meet or associate with certain people.
You can never go back and select the right friend’s.
You can never go back and ditch the wrong friend’s.
You can never go back and create or build an image.
You can never go back and make that first impression.
You can never go back and untell the secret’s.
You can never go back and keep certain promises.
You can never go back and build the trust you lost.
You can never go back and destroy bad memories.
You can never go back and re-live good memories.
You can never go back and fight with the one’s who deserved.
You can never go back and make up with someone who deserved.
You can never go back and share some feelings.
You can never go back and hide some feelings.
You can never go back and take the chances you didn’t take.
You can never go back and refuse/reject the offers you accepted.
You can never go back and say the right things.
You can never go back and unsay the wrong words.
And, you can never go back and refuse to GO BACK!!!
TIME really is precious. All we have is now.
Make the right choices, choose the correct people. Listen to your heart when it says something’s right and also listen to your gut feeling when it hints something isn’t. We always get the signs. Listen to your inner voice. And if you still feel confused then choose to play safe. As life is a game which surely has negative scoring. 

Here are 4 criteria’s on which you can score your life:

  • Health ___
  • Work ___
  • Relationships ___
  • Activity (Hobbies)___
1 Regret = 1 negative score or Minus 1
1 Satisfaction = Plus 1
And if you find satisfaction in doing the wrong thing, then it’s definitely a FOUL. That’s when you find yourself being stuck. You can not go ahead, nor can you go back. And you find yourself saying “I’m working so hard on my health or relationships or work but I’m not getting anywhere” That’s simply because you’re trying to find “Satisfaction” or “Happiness” in the wrong job or relationship or people or just things in general. 
If you’re among the lucky one’s who don’t need to put that extra effort or go out of your way and still doing okay, well good job then. You are on the right track 🙂 If not, that’s okay too. Keep exploring and see what make’s you smile and make sure you do it at least once a day. Something that inspires you. 
Remember, it’s not a race. It is YOUR life and life is Single Player game. You don’t have or need a competition.
Play your own game, keep your own pace and break your own highest score 🙂 <3


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Oops…!!! Guilty

          He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else. ~ Benjamin Franklin

I took a long breach after my last post and I have to admit that I did not truly have a great reason for doing so. The only excuse that I have is that I was always finding excuses. “I dont have the time right now” or “I cant find the correct topic” or the fav one being “I’ll post something when the time is right” But yea, none were good enough.
In other words, I was a victim of Procrastination.

But that wasn’t something unlike me. People who know me personally already know that I never really sound convincing when I try to give reasons to not do something. I was always a junky kind of person for a long time. I was also unhappy with a lot in life, unfulfilled in my relationships, Friends, work, circumstances. I always blamed other things when I did not find a good enough reason for doing or not doing something. Even when I lived all by myself, I always made excuses that I worked too hard. My room was as cluttered and dusty on the outside as I felt on the inside.These things are not necessarily true for all cluttered people, but there was a definite link for me.

But Procrastination is quite common and here’s why it starts.

We always think about starting something with the very best of intentions, but as the day draws nearer to when you are going to start this thing, the doubts and excuses start to come.

This may be just discomfort or doubts in your mind, or voiced to people – but it always has the same result, and that’s stopping you from starting what you set out to complete.
In my case, I was just over-thinking about what is the end result of doing it. I always questioned myself of the need of doing
the things I was thinking of and how or if it would even benefit or matter to me in the near future or was it just something I would regret wasting time on.

Procrastination kills many projects before they even get off the ground, and whether you realize it or not, this is usually what has stopped you getting organised in the past. I have had experiences when I have started or taken up a lot of hobbies and then never been able to do justice to what was offered to me. I spent days and weeks thinking about where I was heading to and it only seemed like a dead end. Instead of waiting and looking for the right time, I was getting comfortable with the distance that I was maintaining with even my day to day activities, let alone this blog. I felt the Anxiety of starting something and then not living upto it 100%, The pressure of maintaining something consistently, also, it was quite overwhelming as to I din’t even know where to start. At times my mind would freeze and I had no energy of handling any failures.

But I realized it had to change. Because time is flying.

To make some serious life changes, I first had to overcome the excuses I was using to hold on to all the clutter in my life – the physical clutter and the emotional clutter.
And I happened to come across something that I could relate to at this point in time and something that made absolute sense,

“An Excuse-Free Life is what you need when you find yourself delaying things.
You can let these excuses keep you insulated with clutter, both physical and emotional, or you can call
your own bluff and make way for more freedom, connection, and success. Best of all, if you sell what
you no longer want you can use that cash and new-found space to help propel you toward the kind of life
you want – one rich with experience, relationships, and free time.”

And from now on, it doesn’t really matter how far this blog goes or how beneficial it will prove to be who may or may not have the same problems like i do, I will keep this going.
I’m all on it.
This is kind of my journal now which everyone and anyone is welcome to read.



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“Your life deserves a standing ovation”

We always talk about having a happy ending. But what about living a happy life? We tend to forget or ignore the fact that in the constant struggle to achieve a happy ending, We miss out on the opportunities we have today.

I can go on and on on this topic but here’s a video that will definitely make you think if you’re
really doing something with your LIFE.

Everyone of us is looking for happiness.
When we ask someone what their goal in life is or what makes them work so hard, we may get a list of things they want to achieve in life. Maybe a car that they want, or a big house to live in or just to be rich and successful. I wasnt any different. I had my list of things that i wanted so badly and I did work hard for it. But there was a sudden change in my life and now I realize how hollow my life has been till now. We believe having all the things we want will make us happy. Its obvious that people say that Happier people tend to live longer, healthier and even have better relationships. But the question is, Why are there still so many miserable people out there? And I can say that out of experience that my professional life has always costed me my personal life. And I’m sure I’m not the only one
to think like that. We’ve become so Materialistic that we ignore the reason why we belong here. We have become so business minded that we apply Terms & conditions** in our real life too.”I’ll be happy when I get this job” “I’ll be happy when I get this car” or even “I’ll be happy if I get to buy this dress” I’ve used these lines so many times in the past and I totally think what a waste it was.


We get so busy admiring and wanting the flashy things that celebrities own that we forget the hurdle that
goes behind it.

“Money doesn’t always guarantee happiness. Atleast long term happiness”

The reason why we work harder is because what we have is never truly enough.
This post or the video you just saw is not about telling you to not work hard or not earn enough
or to stop wanting the things you want, but just to make you aware that don’t miss the moment in this
tug of war or race of the “society”. 10527458_699603100095537_2180450307120759695_n

We all need to have a spiritual awakening and that is only possible when you stop seeking happiness
outside of you in the outer world and start looking for it inside of you.

There is a lot that we can discuss on that but that’s a topic for another post 🙂


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