A while ago, I was going through the most disastrous phase of life. My mind was stuck and my heart was all over the place. I felt completely numb but anxious. My work life was at stake and was impacted badly. All these thoughts in my mind were on auto pilot and I had no idea what to do or how to stop. As a result, It was a chaos. Something I never experienced before.

I finally hit a point where I did nothing and had ample of time in hand. I started learning about new things, and then something drew my attention, something which I knew before and wanted to learn about more but could not when I was out and about. I thought now is the perfect time to end my curiosity. It was a new lifestyle that I thought was perfect for a more balanced life. Balance was what I needed. The way to live was Minimalism.

Never heard of it before? Or wana know more?

noun: minimalism
  1. 1.
    a movement in sculpture and painting which arose in the 1950s, characterized by the use of simple, massive forms.


               an avant-garde movement in music characterized by the repetition of very short phrases which change gradually, producing a hypnotic effect.

In simple words, Minimalism means to live with less. To get rid of all the extra baggage. When I learned this, I was like this is exactly what I need right now. Because I had already had too much going on. I wanted to slow down. Take a break. Breathe, Lighten up. Minimalism does not only apply to your thoughts. It is a whole new lifestyle. To get rid of materialistic things. I looked around myself and I found myself in a mess. Well, I did not really own junk but I had too much. I had everything I WANTED not everything I NEEDED.

As I learned more about Minimalism I found myself changing as a person. I do have some sort of clarity and it has deeply affected my choices in life. How I adapted Minimalism and What steps I took to implement it in my life is for the next post.

In case you are interested to know what minimalism is I suggest you check out https://www.theminimalists.com

Hope you guys find this helpful and may this open a new world for you as it did for me. (Well, to a certain extent)


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