If you are some one like me who cannot keep up with the climatic change and/or a skin care regimen then I have to share my current favourite skincare products. I have oily and acne prone skin and since I have to wear a lot of makeup due to my profession, my skin has it’s up’s and down’s. I was never really sure about the Brand LOTUS but since my skin specialist suggested it, I had to try it. And was I surprised?? I absolutely loved the PHYTO Rx Range which comes with a Face wash, Serum and Toner. There are more products to this range but I tried these 3 and it worked wonders on my skin.

Face Wash : Deep pore cleansing Face Wash is imfused with potent organic ingredients that gently clear away excess oil and deep rooted dirt to reduce the occurrence of acne/pimples. Tea Tree & Rosemary extracts provides unique potent formula for cleansed, refreshed and oil-free skin.

Price – 275/- INR

Clarifying & Soothing Toner

PHYTORx Clarifying & Soothing Toner is made with the purest and most potent holistic plant extracts that calm, revive and hydrate the skin with pure botanical waters. This unique formula instantly invigorates while restoring essential moisture for healthy-looking skin

Active ingredients: Neem, Witch hazel & Cucumber extracts.

Price – 375/- INR

Rejuvina Herbcomplex daily protective lotion

An everyday moisturising sun protector with SPF-15 that not only locks in essential moisture but also works as defense system for the skin from ill-effects of the sun, wind, UV radiation and heat. Helps heal minor rashes and sun burns. Shields skin from invading elements while keeping it protcted and well moisturised.

Active ingredients: Rose, Aloe vera, Chamomile & Wheat extracts

Price- 375/- INR

If you have tried these products then do let me know how it worked on your skin. Also would like to know about the other products from this range. After a long time I found something which really worked for my skin that is prone to breakouts and acne but everyone’s skin is different. But do give it try and maybe it will work well for you too 🙂




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4 comments on “Loving Lately – Skincare with LOTUS PHYTO Rx Range Review”

    • yea.. I would too prefer something about 25 SPF atleast. But as of now this one works. Maybe in summers I would try and go for a higher spf 🙂

    • I was never sure of Lotus too earlier until my Salon lady suggested it to me. Now I really like. It is not very expensive. Have mentioned the rates in the post 🙂

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