I have been sitting at home since the last few weeks and All that I could do was try and do something in front of my camera. Even though I have a million thoughts going on in my mind I thought why not put something more productive if I have to on YouTube. I started to think what would be the easiest thing and I it struck me that I could put some beauty videos again as that was my main intention to start a YouTube Channel. That idea just got lost in the busy life that I had. So I am continuing doing that and this the video that I came up with since it was the day I wanted to or had to wash my hair.

My hair I believe is my biggest asset. I am blessed with thick hair even though it dried out a lot because of colouring and treatments but I love the volume that my hair has. It also has a lot to do with the way I style it and not every one has thick voluminous hair but there are definitely tips to make it that way. I am sharing my tips that are very easy to do in this video.

Hope you like it.



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