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Minimalism – A new way to live

A while ago, I was going through the most disastrous phase of life. My mind was stuck and my heart was all over the place. I felt completely numb but anxious. My work life was at stake and was impacted badly. All these thoughts in my mind were on auto pilot and I had no idea what to do or how to stop. As a result, It was a chaos. Something I never experienced before.

I finally hit a point where I did nothing and had ample of time in hand. I started learning about new things, and then something drew my attention, something which I knew before and wanted to learn about more but could not when I was out and about. I thought now is the perfect time to end my curiosity. It was a new lifestyle that I thought was perfect for a more balanced life. Balance was what I needed. The way to live was Minimalism.

Never heard of it before? Or wana know more?

noun: minimalism
  1. 1.
    a movement in sculpture and painting which arose in the 1950s, characterized by the use of simple, massive forms.


               an avant-garde movement in music characterized by the repetition of very short phrases which change gradually, producing a hypnotic effect.

In simple words, Minimalism means to live with less. To get rid of all the extra baggage. When I learned this, I was like this is exactly what I need right now. Because I had already had too much going on. I wanted to slow down. Take a break. Breathe, Lighten up. Minimalism does not only apply to your thoughts. It is a whole new lifestyle. To get rid of materialistic things. I looked around myself and I found myself in a mess. Well, I did not really own junk but I had too much. I had everything I WANTED not everything I NEEDED.

As I learned more about Minimalism I found myself changing as a person. I do have some sort of clarity and it has deeply affected my choices in life. How I adapted Minimalism and What steps I took to implement it in my life is for the next post.

In case you are interested to know what minimalism is I suggest you check out

Hope you guys find this helpful and may this open a new world for you as it did for me. (Well, to a certain extent)


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10 Ways To Be Happier

There are things that we cannot change. In order to really be a happy person, one of the best tip would be to just accept the fact that it is what it is and move on. While we are dealing with such situations, there are some things or habits that we can adapt to make us feel better and happier in the long run. We have heard this line so many times that “Happiness is within you and we should stop looking for it outside”. So what exactly does that mean? Well, Do good things just to do good things 🙂

“You gotta do this for YOU. This is for YOU. This isn’t about anybody. Live for YOU. Honour YOU. Never lose sight of that.”

There are habits that you must incorporate in order to live healthier, Happier life.

  1. Cleaning your house : This is so simple but a very important tip. To live in a clean, fresh environment is the most crucial thing to do. You surrounding plays a major role in how you feel. Change your interior if needed but make sure your room is exactly how you want it to be. It really makes your mood. And yes, I am talking about self experience.
  2. Meditate : I did speak about it in my previous post here. Meditation does wonders. It does not necessarily have to be hours of it, just a few minutes. Start small. Start with 3-5 mins and gradually increase the duration. I meditated just for 6 minutes and it still worked. It is a great way to motivate yourself.
  3. Treat yourself : Ever wondered why people keep asking for a treat? Because it does make you feel so much better. Pamper yourself and gift yourself the one thing that you always wanted. Go for some shopping. This is one time when you can shop and not think about spending. Making yourself happy is more important than planning your budget.
  4. Entertainment : Well, to be honest just any medium where you can watch your favourite show or a movie. I had read somewhere that in order to forget your worries, you must get lost in a fantasy world. It helps going away from the reality for a little bit and be somewhere else. In someone else’s world.
  5. Read : Another useful way to distract your mind from unnecessary thoughts. Reading books helped me a lot when I was going through a rough patch. Self Help books are the best for most people. Read an auto biography. Seeing or learning how other people got through their issues is a great inspiration. “Things Get Better” is one book that truly helped me and was exactly what I needed at the time.
  6. Dress up : Just look good if you want to feel good. Wearing fancy clothes and prepping yourself instantly makes you feel happy. Try it.
  7. Travel : Something that I did, but not really. Meaning I have traveled a lot but due to work. I still loved the journeys. I have not done it lately but I am sure I want to and I will because it is such an amazing feeling.
  8. Do/Learn Something New : Maybe take a class for something that you wanted to do for a long time but haven’t. You will feel accomplished once you are done with it 🙂
  9. Gratitude : Be thankful for what you already have. Saying Thank you for the people in your life, things you have, food you eat, bed you sleep on. It can be anything. Write it down. Remind yourself of the awesome things you get to experience.
  10. Music : Listen to your fav music. It has been proved that music does help you feel healthier and reduces stress. So put on your fav tracks and turn up the volume and Dance because no one’s watching. Move your body and throw away all the stress and tension. Once you are done, just breathe and live the moment

Do this and remind yourself, Happiness is ultimate GOAL!!!



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25 Hacks To Simplify Your Life

2017 is going to be year of self improvement for me. Since I deal with anxiety, it is extremely crucial for me to do things in way that will not make me feel like my life is in chaos. Hence, I have learnt about a few tips and tricks on how to simplify life in ways that are so easily looked through. I am sharing these tips here so other’s can follow them or at least try to so it can help make their life easier. Would love hear other’s too on how do they do it if they do so I can adapt those habits too.

  1. Unsubscribe email subscription’s that are unnecessary.
  2. Unfollow Instagram account’s that aren’t healthy or demotivating.
  3. Unfriend people on Facebook that you don’t personally know or if you do not interact or that spoil your mood.
  4. Follow a Miraculous Morning Routine
  5. Choose a yearly theme to concentrate on your Goals.
  6. Carry one Hand bag.
  7. Carry stuff in your bad that you absolutely need.
  8. Do not accept free stuff/samples.
  9. Do not ask for Receipts every single time until it is really important.
  10. Concentrate only on 3 important things on your To-Do-List everyday.
  11. Learn 5 nutritious recipes and rotate them weekly.
  12. Simplify your keys. Also, get rid of unused keychain’s and key rings.
  13. Ask people not to buy you Gift’s on Birthday’s or Anniversaries or Tell them exactly what you want.
  14. Use things until they are actually finished.
  15. Cut-out unwanted equipments.
  16. Cut-out unwanted people.
  17. Cut-out Gossiping/Complaining from your dialogue.
  18. Quit bargain shopping & only buy what you actually need.
  19. Use all pieces of clothing that your own.
  20. Figure out activities that matter to you & prioritize accordingly.
  21. Let go of Goals that aren’t in line with you.
  22. Follow that LIFE CHANGING method of Tidying up.
  23. Meditate just for a few minutes every single day.
  24. Donate excessive decor that is lying around your house.
  25. Turn off Social Media Notifications unless Very Important.

I am so positive about these steps and so sure this will help me in so many ways. Since I am not used to routines I will have trouble following them on a regular basis in the beginning which is why I also have it written in my journal so I can read it over and over again just as a reminder.

I hope this could help some of you.





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