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HSP_1027When it comes to Online shopping, I am a self proclaimed pundit. I always believe in not having to take the effort of leaving your couch and spend hours exhausting over something you want to feel so good about at the end of the day. Having said that, I also one of those types who do not like to be sold out to. So I make sure I really dig in to see if I really like something. When I was asked to shop and write a review on, the name was not unfamiliar. I have looked into quite a few times before, But honestly, this was the first time I actually shopped from them. I did find a couple of option’s but then I knew I had budget constraints and so I wanted something that I was looking for and also, in my mini budget. And to my surprise, I actually succeeded. After scrolling up and down quite a few times, I finally found something that was sadly missing in my wardrobe. “A Turtle Neck” 😀 I have NO top or dress with a Turtle neck and I think it is a basic must have. So when I came across a Black Turtle neck top I knew I am gonna invite it to my closet. And the fact that it was inexpensive got me even more excited and helped me look for something more classy. When I think of “Classy”, I want a business woman look. And when I think of business, Blazer’s is what hit the mind. But considering the not so pleasant climate these day’s, the idea of wearing a Blazer was horrifying. But then I found a perfect piece yet again. A Crepe, Black and White 3/4th sleeve Jacket 😀 Okay! I said Blazer but this Jacket looks nothing less than one. I loved how these two compliment each other and can also be worn separately which surely can be acknowledged in the pictures below.

HSP_1011I have only teamed up the top with jeans but this top  can also be worn with a Skirt or Palazzo’s or Short’s. It is such a versatile thing that would strike good with any look that you’re going for.

 HSP_1014 HSP_1015

The black turtle top can be carried very gracefully by itself without the jacket on.©

HSP_1022Love the texture and Fabric of the Top. It is Cotton knit Material with Stretchable fabric

I love how perfectly it fits and it is available from size S to  size XL. I am a size M

And now, Let’s bring on the Jacket 😀


HSP_1060This one is available from size S to L and again, I am a size M


Erm, Don’t know why I have those expression’s :p


I also like the little detailing on the Jacket if you could see in picture. The net with a beautiful design.

HSP_1075Here’s a closer look at the detailing

So all in all,

The shopping, shipping experience was pretty good, the delivery of the products was quite prompt and above all the comfort of these outfits speak volumes… the feel is just awesome!!!!!

It is also good to know one can shop anywhere, anytime with the Limeroad Mobile App

Now that is something that excites me the most

Would love shopping again with Limeroad.

Also check out Limeroad Blog for some Inspiration to find the perfect look you would want to carry and

Stay FAB <3


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How to: A Perfect “Selfie”


Kim Kardashian is known as the queen of Selfies. Recently she took a Selfie on stage. She can probably take a selfie almost anywhere and if you are a fan like me, you would know what I mean 😉 #Theellenshow #KimALIcebucketchallenge.

Selfie is like the word of the year. Even though most of us are obsessed with Selfie’s like Mrs. West, there are some that hate the idea of being so self centered. But People who love it, don’t care. Selfies are GREAT!

A few adjectives usually associated with selfies are vain, narcissistic, cheesy, attention seekers and basically anything to do with the superficial. For only someone with an inflated sense of self would waste time taking their own picture. Waste? What is wrong with being comfortable in our own skin and having a little fun with ourselves? Isn’t that what we all talk about eall the time? Loving ourselves?

That is what the selfie is! It marks a time when someone feels beautiful and self assured. When they are having fun and are not worried about the daily personal problems we all have to face. In a time when feelings of insecurity run high and people shy away, the selfie is an instant of boldness.

There is a Glamorous star quality in all of us and a Perfect Selfie is so important yet sometime’s so difficult. Taking a Selfie is when we actually become multi tasker. Have you thought about it? When you take a Selfie, you are the Photographer, Model and also the Editor. But what makes a Selfie a perfect one? Let’s see some tips on How to get a Perfect Selfie.

1. CAMERA: Front cameras are highly used when taking a selfie. The main reason being it’s comfortable and it also act’s like a Mirror. You can see what you look like. But there are time’s when a back camera works pretty well. So it will be better if you just flip your camera and take a selfie from your back camera.

2. LIGHTING: Natural sunlight for a Selfie is the best (obviously in the day time). That is why you see a lot of Selfie’s in the car. I think car’s are perfect selfie studios. You can use your back camera and still see what picture you are taking in the rear view mirror. And get natural lighting. If not in the day or where there is no or very little sunlight, you can keep a lamp close to your face and if you feel a little filmy? Just use a table fan to give that hair blowing look.

Play with the lights. Try different color’s.

Lamps with yellow light bulbs tend to wash you out, blue and/or white light bulbs are flattering. Pink light bulbs are actually the MOST flattering in person.

3. EXPRESSIONS: This part is something that most people don’t get it. But once practiced and done correctly can be so fun. It’s a Selfie, There is no one around, try different expression’s. No one would judge you. No one is going to like it when you have the same expression’s in every single pic. Make crazy face’s. People love that. Show you are an emotional person. Unless you are deliberately trying to imitate Kristen  Stewart. screen-shot-2014-02-19-at-4-02-05-pm You don’t have to “Smile” in every picture.  And PLEASE don’t make the pout or duck face or “fishy face” your signature look. It has been taken and by a lot. Surprise your audience. Do something weird once in a while. You can take a look at picture’s of people who have given expression’s. But do not try too hard. If you can not, then just keep it simple. If you try to go out of your way, it will make you look all fake. Be natural and do no copy. That is the point here. Practice and you will get it. It is all about being comfortable in front of the camera.

4: Be CREATIVE: Creativity can be broadly used when taking any picture. Take a Selfie with different angles. There are different types of Selfies. Try some of these : Half face selfie, Mirror Selfie, Hide your face with something Selfie. Try new poses. Just make it real fun to look at you. Another fun way is the “I woke up like this” Selfie. Don’t be uptight all the time. Give your good looks a break and be courageous enough to show how you look when you wake, this can be like a #challenge with your friends and loads of fun screen-shot-2014-02-19-at-4-06-36-pm

5. FILTERS: This is my favorite part of the Selfie or any picture for that matter. I love playing with filters, but one should know where to draw a line. There way too many app’s for editing pictures but only some do a decent job. Do not over filter your pictures. We don’t anyone wondering where our nose or jaw line disappeared. Don’t lose your actual face while giving yourself a Selfie make-over. Make your selfie interesting by using option’s to decorate your picture.

And one Final Tip: Be YOURSELF. We love getting inspired by looking at other’s pictures. but please do not try to copy. Use your own style and remember, If you can’t be real in your picture you won’t be considered real person in life.

So be real but don’t be so serious 🙂

What are your idea’s of a perfect Selfie. Share your tips and tricks in the comment below 🙂 <3


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