Kylie_Jenner_EmbedSo I am starting with a few more categories on my blog so I stay regular here, as it does get difficult to post the normal stuff that I used to because it takes a lot of time and effort and also brain storming.

I found an easy way to connect more and that without much effort with you guys. These new categories are also gona be helpful to stay inspired for your daily styling issues. One of the category being “Celeb Style”, I will be posting the outfit inspiration from celeb’s both here and hollywood. To begin with I chose a Celeb who I greatly admire and follow and who has been my current inspiration. Even though she is way younger than me, she has all the rights and the moves to inspire people even twice her age 😉

The youngest of the Kardashian – Jenner clan, who recently turned 18, is one of the most discussed personality who some times grabs the attention for all the wrong reasons.

Kylie Jenner is known for her “fake” beauty, as many would like to put it, but there is still no denying to the fact that she is also the most inspirational and followed celeb in terms of Fashion & Style along with Beauty.

Growing up in the spotlight. Judged based on the image that the media gives her, You know what the accomplishment is? That she didn’t let all this take away from what she is trying to do.

Kylie is winning!

One of my personal inspiration. Kim Kardashian is my idol and it is no wonder I am in an awe with Kylie as well because she admires Kim and says she wants to be exactly like Big Sister.

The entire Kardashian – Jenner fam is known for their style and are very influential.

Here is a recent look of Kylie that in my opinion was so chic…

11885183_807460906018261_7520789031116928927_nI loved the classy yet comfortable look that this attire shows and since Kylie recently chose to go blonde, the all white and nudes suits best and compliments the blonde hair.

11057783_807460952684923_3958401211886346771_nThe details of this entire look is …

12003936_807456012685417_6230001950331916002_nSo if you too want to get something similar, break down the details and do your research. You might not get the exact same look but I am sure you can get something very similar 🙂

Hope it helps <3




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