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How To Get Voluminous Hair At Home | DIY

I have been sitting at home since the last few weeks and All that I could do was try and do something in front of my camera. Even though I have a million thoughts going on in my mind I thought why not put something more productive if I have to on YouTube. I started to think what would be the easiest thing and I it struck me that I could put some beauty videos again as that was my main intention to start a YouTube Channel. That idea just got lost in the busy life that I had. So I am continuing doing that and this the video that I came up with since it was the day I wanted to or had to wash my hair.

My hair I believe is my biggest asset. I am blessed with thick hair even though it dried out a lot because of colouring and treatments but I love the volume that my hair has. It also has a lot to do with the way I style it and not every one has thick voluminous hair but there are definitely tips to make it that way. I am sharing my tips that are very easy to do in this video.

Hope you like it.



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How To Get Healthy and Glowing Skin At Home

As you can see in this picture above… I clearly do not have a clear, smooth, baby like skin. But I have challenged myself to make it as healthy as I can by using only (Well, mostly) home remedies. I never really faced a lot of skin issues other than skin tanning or pigmentation after I crossed my teenage years. Acne was an old friend whom I had bid goodbye a long long time ago. However, due to stress, hormonal imbalance, Vitamins and regular use of Makeup called for it. My skin suddenly broke out real badly around 4-5 months ago. I tried a lot of products but it dint really work. Until I started using some at home skin care products. I just one day decided to make my kitchen a store for all my beauty needs.

So here is a simple DIY scrub for a healthy and Glowing skin.

All you need are 3 ingredients that are probably in your kitchen right now or are very easily available for you to buy.

  • Raw Milk
  • Coconut Flour
  • Rice Flour

Mix these ingredients to form a paste and apply it on your face and scrub for 3 minutes. Leave it on for 10 minutes and wash it off. That’s all.

If you want to know the benefits or how to properly use it (How I do it) I am sharing a video for better understanding.

Please watch it till the end and share it so others can know about it as well.

So I hope you try this and please let me know how it worked for you.




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Off Beauty –


So just when the Festive season is on, We are all excited to shop more and pamper ourselves with stuff that we would want to splurge on. I have my shopping list ready. Do you?

I know I want to look my best and Makeup is my forte. I would not mind spending a little extra to grab some compliment’s on how pretty my makeup looks. I want my eyeliner and lipstick to pop a tad bit extra than usual when it is all about celebration’s. And especially when I have a wedding to attend next week. Who wouldn’t want look perfect when attending a marriage, right?

Well, to sort my confusion on what to buy and how to spend, purplle has come to my rescue just on time.

With irresistable discount’s on Beauty and skin care products. These offer’s are truly pleasing and here are the T&C below:

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Here’s the code: 4RWMQ



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