This particular post is not something I am very excited about. Because nothing about this post is exciting. I do not tolerate any negativity on my blog, however, I do have to bring this to attention. I love and appreciate my fellow Fashion/Beauty/Lifestyle Bloggers and also my readers which is why I always let them know what’s best out there and so I also feel it is important that if something ain’t right, I also need to bring it to your attention.
It is no surprise that I am addicted to online shopping. I have been shopping online since years and have had a few annoying experiences where I did not get a particular product on time or it was of a great quality as it was mentioned on the website or I did not receive the order and I had to ask for refund. I did get a refund every time I have asked for it…. UNTIL
I ordered something from 😐
I had ordered not one but 3 products (I do not wish to disclose what the product’s were since that is not really important and the idea of this post should not be distracted) and I never received the products nor did I ever get my refund.
Yes, I did all the jazz of writing to them and then they writing me back, which was a sheer waste of time because the reply from them actually was an automated email that they send.

##- Please type your reply above this line -##


Thank you for contacting BeautyBay regarding your order 126W-93RD-OH2L-W.

Your order has been sent using the selected International Saver delivery, which doesn’t have a full end to end tracking facility, therefore there is no full tracking information associated with your order.

Please note that, as advised on our website, International Saver delivery normally takes between 7-10 working days. We do endeavour to ensure the postal services deliver within the timescales advised on the website; however from time to time there can be unexpected delays during transit that are beyond our control.

If you haven’t received your order within the above timescale, please check with India Postal Service to see if your order is being held for you. As far as we are aware your local Post Office should be able to check if they are holding an item for you using your name and address details.

Should you wish to have the added reassurance of full tracking with your order in the future, we do offer International Express & International Tracked services to our non-UK destinations. Details of these services, along with the associated charges (if any, as we offer many free upgrades), can be located on our website here:

Unfortunately, due to postal service guidelines, we are unable to take further action with regards to investigating your parcel until 20 working days have passed from the day of dispatch (working days exclude weekends and public holidays). If your order has still not arrived after this time, please contact us and we will be able to investigate the matter further for you with India Postal Service.

Please be assured that your order has been dispatched and should be with you shortly.

If you have any further queries please let us know.

Kind Regards Customer Services

This email is a service from BEAUTY BAY. More information can be found at Customer Services.


This is was I kept getting.
I then posted on their “Facebook Page” and then finally they sent me an email asking me to take a printout of the form that was attached and sign it and scan and send it back.
I could not believe it. If I had all the time in the world to go out and get a printout and then scan it and send, I would have gone out and shopped instead of ordering things online. Plus they do not even have a customer care number where we can talk about any issues.
I have had the worst online shopping experience with and would never suggest it to anyone.
Again, Sorry for the negative post but I thought this was important.
Let me now sulk in to it and try and re evaluate myself by sipping some Green tea and focus on what lovely things should I post for you guys next 😀 <3




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7 comments on “ Online Shopping Review”

  1. I actually placed my order before reading all the bad reviews about beautybay. BUT fortunately, i received my order in only 2 weeks time. I ordered anastasia contour kit and 4 makeup geek eyeshadows. The weigh is just about 0.48gm, so I think that’s why I don’t have to pay for custom fees. 🙂

  2. Such a poor experience with beauty bay they are just making fool , always giving the same reply on the questions asked for delivery of the parcel. I feel it’s a fake website just eating money of the people. I shopped for five thousand and not got any products simply a fake site making people fool . It should get banned from India at least to save money of others

  3. Hey I’ve ordered countless times from beautybay and they’ve always delivered
    I think the problem is the you order on international save where there’s no tracking provided
    So they can’t track your parcel
    Neither can you

    They’ve removed that option of delivery now
    I think you should give them another chance ?
    Try the express tracked delivery

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