I can definitely say that I have seen a lot of changes in my own way of thinking and my attitude towards life. A year ago and a half ago (as much as I can remember) I was a pretty negative person. I was not very happy with my surroundings, the event’s around me, people I had in my life… pretty much everything. Not that I was a complete lunatic but I always thought there was always something wrong or bad happening and I relied on the outside to be happy on the inside. A lot of it also has to do with my past issues in life and the anxiety that it brought.

All I did in this one year or so, was to stop seeking help from anyone or anywhere else and did my own research on how I can help myself becoming a better person. I still wouldn’t say that I am at the peak of positivity or that I am best version of myself. Infact I am not even close to any of that, however, I am learning. And with conscious effort I have seen little changes.

This would surely help me do what I want more instead of what I should do more. One of which is to start blogging again 🙂 and that already makes me feel so much better. I am also planning to write a lot more on self help in my upcoming posts because there is so much that I have learnt and there is so much I can share. Because there are so many who need it.

Already started on working on my next post.




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