I have been overwhelmed with the number of people dealing with stress and issues in life lately. Also, it amuses me how some people would still shoo some them off by saying the clichéd phrases “It’s all in your mind”. A lack of compassion towards people dealing with Anxiety and Depression or any other Mental illness is what make things worse. It is not easy to understand, without walking in one’s shoes of how frightening it seems for someone to just get off the edge. Mental Illness does not choose or discriminate. It hits you once and there you are not knowing why or how something makes you feel a certain way. And there are so many people who deal with it silently because of the stigma that our society has towards Mental Illness.
Yes it’s true that we all handle and deal with our emotions differently and with entirely unique mindsets too, but that’s an even better reason for us to bring to light why it’s okay to reach out and to talk about our worries. Life is not all roses and some extra compassion, kindness and an open mind can make a huge difference. Just because a person smiles the day after they cried buckets, does not mean they are fine. All they do is try. Try every single day to live, to be better. Sometimes it works… other days, its harder. We are all beings, just trying to survive. Easier for some.. Not so much for others. Do not give up on those who are struggling. Just be there. And for those who are fighting, be proud of yourself and remmeber… It’s okay not to be okay!


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