2017 is going to be year of self improvement for me. Since I deal with anxiety, it is extremely crucial for me to do things in way that will not make me feel like my life is in chaos. Hence, I have learnt about a few tips and tricks on how to simplify life in ways that are so easily looked through. I am sharing these tips here so other’s can follow them or at least try to so it can help make their life easier. Would love hear other’s too on how do they do it if they do so I can adapt those habits too.

  1. Unsubscribe email subscription’s that are unnecessary.
  2. Unfollow Instagram account’s that aren’t healthy or demotivating.
  3. Unfriend people on Facebook that you don’t personally know or if you do not interact or that spoil your mood.
  4. Follow a Miraculous Morning Routine
  5. Choose a yearly theme to concentrate on your Goals.
  6. Carry one Hand bag.
  7. Carry stuff in your bad that you absolutely need.
  8. Do not accept free stuff/samples.
  9. Do not ask for Receipts every single time until it is really important.
  10. Concentrate only on 3 important things on your To-Do-List everyday.
  11. Learn 5 nutritious recipes and rotate them weekly.
  12. Simplify your keys. Also, get rid of unused keychain’s and key rings.
  13. Ask people not to buy you Gift’s on Birthday’s or Anniversaries or Tell them exactly what you want.
  14. Use things until they are actually finished.
  15. Cut-out unwanted equipments.
  16. Cut-out unwanted people.
  17. Cut-out Gossiping/Complaining from your dialogue.
  18. Quit bargain shopping & only buy what you actually need.
  19. Use all pieces of clothing that your own.
  20. Figure out activities that matter to you & prioritize accordingly.
  21. Let go of Goals that aren’t in line with you.
  22. Follow that LIFE CHANGING method of Tidying up.
  23. Meditate just for a few minutes every single day.
  24. Donate excessive decor that is lying around your house.
  25. Turn off Social Media Notifications unless Very Important.

I am so positive about these steps and so sure this will help me in so many ways. Since I am not used to routines I will have trouble following them on a regular basis in the beginning which is why I also have it written in my journal so I can read it over and over again just as a reminder.

I hope this could help some of you.





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