Ever wondered what Life really is like? While having a deep conversation with a friend at a coffee shop recently I realized how Life can be described as one big party. I mean, think about it. There are so many similarities between what happens at a party and the life you live. There is a party that you have, Some people you invite, some just randomly show up because you have mutual friends, some are just acquaintance. There are people all around you. You like some, and there are some who you dint want to see but they turn up anyway and there is nothing you can do. All you can do you just let it be and smile

And as time passes and everyone gets comfortable, weird things start to happen. But then there are so many people.. and you cant control everything that’s happening around you. Because you are the host and you have to take care of other things too. So people do as they please and by the time you realize what all happened because of them, its too late.

When the party is at its peak, everything is messed up. People slowly start to leave as per their convenience.
And once when everyone is gone, leaving the mess behind, all you are left with are a few close people who would help you clean the mess others created. They are the only ones who know you cannot handle it all alone.
So, think about it, Isn’t life somewhat the same? When some people just come in your life unannounced, Do as they please, leave when they wish, you still have a few friends, your people, who are there for you.
If you have such people who are there for you to clean the mess, Never let them go. Those are your people and those are the kind of people you need. The one’s who help you while others leave.

And if you are among the few lucky one’s who have such people (friends) in your life, Never let them go. Because they are your people. Appreciate them, Respect them, Love them. And be thankful you have them.


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