A Little More Personal

I have been overwhelmed with the number of people dealing with stress and issues in life lately. Also, it amuses me how some people would still shoo some them off by saying the clichéd phrases “It’s all in your mind”. A lack of compassion towards people dealing with Anxiety and Depression or any other Mental illness is what make things worse. It is not easy to understand, without walking in one’s shoes of how frightening it seems for someone to just get off the edge. Mental Illness does not choose or discriminate. It hits you once and there you are not knowing why or how something makes you feel a certain way. And there are so many people who deal with it silently because of the stigma that our society has towards Mental Illness.
Yes it’s true that we all handle and deal with our emotions differently and with entirely unique mindsets too, but that’s an even better reason for us to bring to light why it’s okay to reach out and to talk about our worries. Life is not all roses and some extra compassion, kindness and an open mind can make a huge difference. Just because a person smiles the day after they cried buckets, does not mean they are fine. All they do is try. Try every single day to live, to be better. Sometimes it works… other days, its harder. We are all beings, just trying to survive. Easier for some.. Not so much for others. Do not give up on those who are struggling. Just be there. And for those who are fighting, be proud of yourself and remmeber… It’s okay not to be okay!


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What Is The Cost For Hair Extension Options

Extensions are frequently considered an costly alternative but actually, the cost is exposed to high amount of variation. This significant variation in the price of hair extension depends upon a variety of factors. These 4 elements range from the quality and kind of hair, length and amount, and also the method employed for hair extension application. Another major factor which the price of extensions depends is time. For instance, when the approach to human hair extensions application’s time intensive, then your cost will probably be high too.

Factors Affecting your hair Extensions Cost

To make it simpler that you should estimate the right price of your hair extensions, the standards are discussed at length below:

Length and Quantity of Hair

The more your hair and also the more in quantity they’re, the greater would be the cost that you may have to cover your hair extensions. What length and amount is appropriate for you may rely on natural length and volume of hair. Also, if you’re searching for extended locks, then your cost is going to be greater than what you should be produced to cover shorter or perhaps medium length extensions.

Extensions Quality

The caliber of your hair extensions plays a huge role in figuring out the price. For instance, Remy extensions that are seen as the most high-finish option will also be rather costly. The reason behind their quality value is they are manufactured from authentic Indian real hair, with a cuticle that stays intact because the cuticle remains outdoors from the hair strand. There are many other kinds of real hair too which are considered valuable. Included in this are Spanish, Malaysian, and Brazilian.

When you are searching for extensions, you’ll naturally choose the one which looks full and healthier. You’ll find some retailers selling Indian extensions however, you should be aware them as they could be of low quality and can not create a good bargain even when they provide you actually cheap prices. One method to discover the extensions have cheap quality would be to check their texture. When they look stringy and dry, then most likely they are constructed with inferior quality.


Take into consideration that determines the price of your hair extensions is to are becoming them from. For a moment purchase them from bigger metropolitan areas, chances are they’ll could be more costly when compared with being purchased in smaller sized metropolitan areas. The explanation for this difference is just the bigger metropolitan areas have greater operating costs. However, it isn’t really the situation with each and every salon but you’ll have to search for the right option inside a big city.


Much like other goods available for sale, some extensions tend to be more durable than these. The more lasting your hair extensions are, the greater is going to be their cost. But they’ll keep going longer and can help you save money over time. Therefore, you have to choose to do this according to your demands.


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How to Apply a Lace Front Human Hair Wigs

Lace front human hair wigs are very popular–but how do you actually put them on? The following guide will help you put on your lace front human hair wigs, whether you’re new to human hair wigs or simply want to refresh your memory.

Step One: Prepare Your Head for the Wig. First, you’ll need to make sure that your hair is as flat against your head as possible. The best way to do this is securing it down with bobby pins. If your hair is long, tie it in a ponytail and wrap it into a flat bun before pinning. If you have short hair, you can either rely on the wig cap to keep it in line or braid it flat against your head and pin it down afterward.

Step Two: Put On Your Cap. Now, put on your wig cap over your flattened hair. You should make sure that the cap is just covering your hairline, and isn’t too far down–or too far up. Don’t forget to tuck in the hair along the nape of your neck that didn’t make it into the bun or braids.

Step Three: Prepare Your Skin For the Adhesive. use adhesive to stay on, but you can’t put them on your skin without preparing it first. You’ll need to gently wash your skin with a cleanser and pat it dry first. Next, put some basic rubbing alcohol onto a pad or cotton ball and swipe it down along your entire hairline. Let your skin dry.

Step Four: Fit the Wig. Do NOT put an adhesive on before you do this step. You want to make sure that the wig is properly fitted to your head before you secure it down with adhesive. Put the wig on and adjust the tightening straps or make other adjustments as necessary. Remember: The wig needs to be secure, but not too tight or too loose. Keep the wig on.

Step Five: Trim the Lace. Now it’s time to prepare the wig. The first thing you need to do is trim the lace by trimming it along your hairline, being careful to leave about 3 mm of lace intact.

Step Six: Apply your adhesive. There are a few different kinds of adhesive you can use. Here’s how to use the most common adhesives for

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