And HE get’s married…

Girl’s, Brace yourselves! The one man that most of you all have been drooling for, the one man who made us envy of so many female actor’s on screen is now OFFICIALLY TAKEN!!!

SHAHID KAPOOR is married 😐

So it’s another loss.

But just in case you are curious to know who is the charmed beauty to be known as Mrs. Shahid Kapoor, Well, it is Mira Rajput.

I have been online looking at their pictures and can not even at how cute and in love this couple is.

Check it out yourself









Source 11_1436269042











Well, All we can do is now wish the new love birds. Even though with a heavy heart but it was high time we see this light in Shahid’s eye’s as he is one the most underrated actor’s of hindi cinema.

So Congratulation’s Mr. & Mrs. Kapoor.

Happy day’s are here to stay.

Have a Glorious future <3


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The “Dream” buy










I am always looking for something new to try and this time it was all about Maybelline. I have been impressed with a lot of products from Maybelline in the past and thought of trying the “Maybelline Dream Sun Matte Bronzer” but I am not sure if I am really a fan of this one. Even though I could have taken a darker shade considering my naturally tan skin tone, but this still gives a decent bronzy effect. The shade I chose was 130 Medium.I still used a very very light hand and made it as subtle as possible. I thought it would help me contour my face a little bit but I think my search for a good contour powder still continues.


The “Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer is not a surprise to me because I have used it in the past but again, I think I should have stuck to the shade I used before that was Honey instead of “Beige”. None the less it still works well and is my one of the fav’s when it comes to highlighting.
So all in all, even though I am glad I shopped yet again but like I said earlier, the hunt for a good contour kit continues, I shall keep you updated if I and when I finally get my hands on it and till then

Stay beautiful <3 Stay Inspired 🙂



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No feeling… quite like this


There is no better feeling in the world than coming home after a successful show. Even though I have been hosting show since a very long time, it still gives me anxiety and stress me out no matter how big or small the show/event is. The pressure to handle a crowd, to entertain them and to keep them intact to their seats and not letting them getting bored and maintaining the link is extremely crucial and some times over whelming. I would admit it makes me nervous some times and I still feel every show is my first show.

Since you are always dealing with new audience, it is very important to understand what they want and deliver it in order to make the show a big hit.

Be it a small private family function or a Corporate gig, we Anchor’s/Emcee’s/Master or Mistress of Ceremony are under tremendous pressure. Because you have one job regardless the standard or genre of the show and that is to entertain your crowd.

In order to not let the pressure affect you negatively it is necessary to give yourself a little TLC after a show. For me, the best feeling is to come home and eat what I want, drink what I want and watch something on the net or even TV which would take me to a fantasy land so I can empty my mind from all the chaos it has gone through throughout the day/evening.

Pampering yourself, de-stressing yourself is such an important habit that people most often forget. There are different that you can do it. Maybe read a book, go for a walk, cook, play with your pet or just have a good chatty time with family. The idea is to do anything that makes you happy and takes to that Happy, calming, soothing moment. It is always a good thing to work on your lifestyle and use this mantra.

After all, Human’s are not machines and they are not supposed to act like machines 🙂

So definitely work hard, because it always pays off but also do not forget to unwind yourself and have some “ME time” after the dose of hard work.

And always remember to

Stay Beautiful <3 Stay Inspired 🙂


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