Godrej Nupur Coconut Henna Crème Hair Colour Review*

Everyone that knows me knows about my fondness of Hair Coloring. I am blessed with a beautiful hair texture (thanks to my genes) however, chemical treatment’s have definitely ruined the natural quality my hair had when I was younger. Thankfully, we do have some better way’s to color our hair and I am glad to introduce one in this post for my reader’s. It is the Godrej Nupur Coconut Henna Crème hair colour.


AVAILABILITY: It comes in 4 different shades, which are ideal for Indian skin tone and texture. Yes there are 3 in the picture above because I used up the fourth one :p I was so excited to try it on that I did not click the picture.

The 3 shades in the picture are Natural Black, Burgundy and Dark Brown. The one that used on me was Natural Brown. (I will include the picture at the end of the post)

WHAT I LIKED: What I liked about this particular Hair Color is that it has Natural Ingredients like Coconut which we all know is excellent for hair. Coconut oil has been used since ancient times in India for grooming hair. Various remedies were prepared using herbs and coconut oil to prevent hair loss. The use of Coconut oil on hair helps to reduce protein loss in both damaged as well as undamaged hair. Coconut oil rich in lauric acid, has a high affinity for hair protein making your hair healthier. Henna is not only used to color your hair but also acts as a natural hair conditioner making your hair Shiny, Voluminous and Bouncy.

CONTENTS:  1 Sachet of Crème Colour, 1 Sachet of Developer and of course 1 Instruction leaflet.


SAFETY: Godrej Nupur Coconut Henna Crème Hair Colour claims that it has NO AMMONIA. Ammonia has been largely responsible for hair color’s ability to alter hair hue without washing out after only a few shampoos. This method of depositing coloring the hair has been commonly reported to have side effects such as stinging the eyes and scalp. Using ammonia-free colours may prevent that dry, over-processed feeling that has been a side-effect of using ammonia, and they are gentler on the hair.

PRICE: Godrej Nupur Coconut Crème Hair Colour is for only 39 rupees for 20 ml pack. Easily available in the market in the North-West of the country and also online.

HOW TO USE: It is very easy to use this product. Mix the developer and colour and apply on completely dry hair. Wait for 30 minutes and wash it off. No hassle. 

Like I mentioned, I did apply the lightest shade that they have which is Natural Brown and since my hair was already highlighted I tried my best to only apply it to the parts that was color free. Here is the final result…


This picture above has been take from my iPhone in natural sun light. The color may vary on other’s depending on your hair texture and natural hair color. And again, I am going to repeat that I do have some highlights on my hair and so it may not look the same on everyone.

BUMMER: The quantity. As you can see in the picture, I do have pretty long hair and one packet was not enough.  Last but very important, I wish they include plastic gloves so it is easier to apply as my finger’s did get some henna stains on it. 

Well, as my final take, I would say it is a pretty good deal as it is so pocket-friendly. Over the years, Godrej Nupur has been chosen by women as a trusted companion for hair-health and nourishment. Living up to the brand values, they have successfully launched this special hair colour with different nourishing ingredients, enriched with Henna & Coconut.


I would mostly recommend it to some one who has very oily scalp as it does give volume to your hair instantly and I was also surprised at the shine I saw the next day when I washed my hair again.

A personal tip for people who have not been into coloring hair is that once you wash your hair after any kind of hair color, it is best to oil your hair and keep it over night and then wash it with Shampoo and Conditioner the next morning. It will help your hair stay nourished.

The color pay off is not crazy and so you need not worry about having insanely colored hair but I would also suggest you take a Skin Hypersensitivity test before using it as it may cause skin irritation in certain rare cases.

If you want any more detail’s about the product or want to check some more review’s you can find them on all Social Media platform’s 🙂

Website – www.godrejnupur.com
Facebook – www.facebook.com/GodrejNupur
Twitter – www.twitter.com/GodrejNupur
Instagram – @godrejnupur
**The product was sent to me to review but my opinion and views on the product are completely unbiased.


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CouponRani Review: Get More Discounts Online Using Coupons


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CouponRani is a very popular site from where you can get all the latest and the

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Limeroad.com – What’s my Verdict?*

HSP_1027When it comes to Online shopping, I am a self proclaimed pundit. I always believe in not having to take the effort of leaving your couch and spend hours exhausting over something you want to feel so good about at the end of the day. Having said that, I also one of those types who do not like to be sold out to. So I make sure I really dig in to see if I really like something. When I was asked to shop and write a review on Limeroad.com, the name was not unfamiliar. I have looked into Limeroad.com quite a few times before, But honestly, this was the first time I actually shopped from them. I did find a couple of option’s but then I knew I had budget constraints and so I wanted something that I was looking for and also, in my mini budget. And to my surprise, I actually succeeded. After scrolling up and down quite a few times, I finally found something that was sadly missing in my wardrobe. “A Turtle Neck” 😀 I have NO top or dress with a Turtle neck and I think it is a basic must have. So when I came across a Black Turtle neck top I knew I am gonna invite it to my closet. And the fact that it was inexpensive got me even more excited and helped me look for something more classy. When I think of “Classy”, I want a business woman look. And when I think of business, Blazer’s is what hit the mind. But considering the not so pleasant climate these day’s, the idea of wearing a Blazer was horrifying. But then I found a perfect piece yet again. A Crepe, Black and White 3/4th sleeve Jacket 😀 Okay! I said Blazer but this Jacket looks nothing less than one. I loved how these two compliment each other and can also be worn separately which surely can be acknowledged in the pictures below.

HSP_1011I have only teamed up the top with jeans but this top  can also be worn with a Skirt or Palazzo’s or Short’s. It is such a versatile thing that would strike good with any look that you’re going for.

 HSP_1014 HSP_1015

The black turtle top can be carried very gracefully by itself without the jacket on.©

HSP_1022Love the texture and Fabric of the Top. It is Cotton knit Material with Stretchable fabric

I love how perfectly it fits and it is available from size S to  size XL. I am a size M

And now, Let’s bring on the Jacket 😀


HSP_1060This one is available from size S to L and again, I am a size M


Erm, Don’t know why I have those expression’s :p


I also like the little detailing on the Jacket if you could see in picture. The net with a beautiful design.

HSP_1075Here’s a closer look at the detailing

So all in all,

The shopping, shipping experience was pretty good, the delivery of the products was quite prompt and above all the comfort of these outfits speak volumes…..as the feel is just awesome!!!!!

It is also good to know one can shop anywhere, anytime with the Limeroad Mobile App

Now that is something that excites me the most

Would love shopping again with Limeroad.

Also check out Limeroad Blog for some Inspiration to find the perfect look you would want to carry and

Stay FAB <3


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