A new way.


I can definitely say that I have seen a lot of changes in my own way of thinking and my attitude towards life. A year ago and a half ago (as much as I can remember) I was a pretty negative person. I was not very happy with my surroundings, the event’s around me, people I had in my life… pretty much everything. Not that I was a complete lunatic but I always thought there was always something wrong or bad happening and I relied on the outside to be happy on the inside. A lot of it also has to do with my past issues in life and the anxiety that it brought.

All I did in this one year or so, was to stop seeking help from anyone or anywhere else and did my own research on how I can help myself becoming a better person. I still wouldn’t say that I am at the peak of positivity or that I am best version of myself. Infact I am not even close to any of that, however, I am learning. And with conscious effort I have seen little changes.

This would surely help me do what I want more instead of what I should do more. One of which is to start blogging again 🙂 and that already makes me feel so much better. I am also planning to write a lot more on self help in my upcoming posts because there is so much that I have learnt and there is so much I can share. Because there are so many who need it.

Already started on working on my next post.




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The Little Black Dress

HSP_0514 HSP_0521

“One is never Over dressed or Under dressed with a Little Black Dress – Karl Lagerfield”

Every girl needs this one statement piece in her closet that is easy to throw on. It’s delineation may have changed over the years but the LBD has still maintained it’s significance and remains supremely chic. There are various mode that you can change your appearance with this one staple component in the wardrobe. A black dress is the easiest and safest fashion piece that you can wear when you are in a dilemma and you do not want to look over dressed or under dressed. It is the perfect attire regardless of the occasion.


I chose this particular outfit to explain and showcase the value what a little black dress can do. I chose to team it up with a black over sized cardigan and the perfect black heels to go with.


The one thing that I liked the most about this dress was the tie back lace. It gives a sexy chic look to it.

HSP_0509 HSP_0499 HSP_0508

I could not show the back because I am a horrible poser :p and the sunlight was getting annoying with all black on black attire. The dress itself was hot and the cruel sun made me feel hotter which was something I was not enjoying at all and so as the shoot was about to get over, I could not help but grin for the camera


And IT’S A WRAP!!! 😀 <3


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How to revamp the bedroom for winters?

Summer is going to end in a few days and winter is gradually knocking at our doorsteps. Slowly the way our life is going to alter. We’ll wear outfits made up of thick fibres. Some of us will enjoy the sunshine in the back garden and nights in cozy beds snuggled in warm winter blankets and bed comforters.
Having said that, winter is not just a time to laze around instead, it is a perfect time to revamp your living space. Here are some cool ways to add coziness, beauty and freshness to your home with winter.

Designer Curtains
Banish the floor:- A well placed beautiful rug can be the centre of attraction in your room. It can change the mood of the room. Instead of being bare and sleek, the rug allows the room to give off a sense of coziness and warmth.
Bright sunshine gives the impression of cheerful, fresh places. You can use low level lighting at night to give a warmer, stylish feel to the room.
Curtains made up of heavy fabrics are the perfect addition to a winter haven. You can choose to adorn your bedrooms with textured curtains to add colour to your windows.
Colours are another most important aspect to the mood of a room. If you are looking to transform your bedroom into a cozy retreat this winter, You can fill up your room with dark coloured bed sheet and duvet cover sets. You can also put a dark colour matching paint on the wall.
duvet coverDuvets cover1
Interesting varieties of bedding sets, woolen blankets and duvet sets are available online. You can buy them at fair prices during home décor sale on popular Internet shopping websites.


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